As Soon As The Fire Drill Exercise Begins, These Adorable Service Pups Make A Run For It!

As Soon As The Fire Drill Exercise Begins, These Adorable Service Pups Make A Run For It!

The dangerous, deadly, and terrifying wildfires that have been blazing through California have emergency respondents all around the country gearing up and preparing for the possibility of similar events in their states. But as it turns out, it’s not just the humans who are working hard – but quite a few animals as well!

Specifically, we’re talking about some adorable service pups who are working as hard as they can to be of help to those who may need them. At Guiding Eyes for the Blind, which is a nonprofit organization based in New York that trains dogs to be ideal companions for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, service dogs are going through a refresher course! This organization has a bunch of schools for pups and teach over 100 dogs.

But these pups aren’t just learning how to help others – they’re learning how to keep safe. If a fire is to occur, staff have to quickly clear out dog kennels within four minutes, as that is the approximate response time of the volunteer firefighting department that will send trucks over in such an event.

Still, with so many pups who may be confused or frightened and with staff who may be stressed or nervous during an emergency, this is something that will need some practice. So the pups had to take part in a special fire drill, where they were taught how to run from their kennel to a pre-arranged meet-up area in the back of the building.

Although the pups didn’t fully understand what this drill was for, they certainly had a fantastic time! Not only did they do amazingly, with all 174 pups and members of staff safely out of the building within a mere 3 minutes and 8 seconds, but the pups also got to enjoy some play while in the back of the building. Stay safe, doggos!

Images & Feature Image Source: Guiding Eyes for the Blind

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