Baron, The German Shepherd Can Do What Most Dogs Can't! Be Prepared To Be Blown Away!

Baron, The German Shepherd Can Do What Most Dogs Can't! Be Prepared To Be Blown Away!

Baron isn’t your regular German Shepherd, he is in fact not regular at all! If he were regular, like a normal dog, he wouldn’t be doing things that humans do! Yep! Like loading the washer and using the toilet? Hello? Is this even real?!

Baron, the German Shepherd Dog knows how to strut his stuff and I tell you, it can’t get any more real than that! You know what the problem is? The problem is that none of my dogs even know the importance of a toilet paper, let alone use the bathroom for their own purpose. And here’s Baron! Now, I’m not jealous, of course not, but I am curious! How does he do it?! This German Shepherd is so well trained that he knows how to load the washer, put the toilet lid down and put his bowl in the dishwasher when he’s done eating! I know, yeah?

Here Are Three Videos Showing How The German Shepherd Struts His Stuff!

In Southern California, a woman named Linda González runs Hill Country K9, a dog training and behavior-modification center, and this is where this German Shepherd was trained to perform these helpful and mind blowing tricks! So first we’re going to look at him loading the washing machine, a video posted by Hill Country K9.

Now we’re going to see him load his dish in the dishwasher!

And finally, we’re going to see him put the toilet lid down!

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Feature Image Source: Hill Country K9

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