Batman Saved Thanks To Rescue Bank!

Batman Saved Thanks To Rescue Bank!

Through our partnership with Rescue Bank, we help more shelter dogs get fed every day thanks to the purchases made through our shop. Just knowing we are helping dogs get fed is such a wonderful feeling and while we know Rescue Bank helps change the lives of so many dogs on a daily basis, we wanted to take a moment to share the story of one special dog whose life was completely changed thanks to these donations.

His name is Batman.

Batman w mange

Image Credit: Rescue Bank

Joni McConnell first met Batman when she was at Collin County Shelter in Frisco, TX rescuing another dog. One of the shelter workers knew Joni was there with A Different Breed Animal Rescue and begged her to take Batman too.

McConnell recounts, “He had been found as a stray, and no one would adopt him because he had mange, but they thought he had the best personality, and hated to put him down. Time was out for him. He was a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix and we called him “Batman” because of his big ears and he looked like a big bat!

McConnell knew she had to save Batman. She brought him back with her, got him treated, and started him on a good, healthy diet.

We went thru MANY basketballs!

Image Credit: Rescue Bank

McConnell says, “He instantly became a favorite; he was fearless and a little daredevil! Kids loved him because he would play water basketball! He would leap into the air to block a shot and land in the water. You could never swim without him, he would be right beside you, or I would find him floating on a mat. He was a hilarious little thing!” Lucky for Batman, his story didn’t end there. McConnell says, “After his skin was back in shape and hair grown in, he was adopted to a wonderful couple in the country with a pond. That was the first thing he did when he arrived, went swimming with the ducks and other dogs!”

Batman enjoying the sunny day!

Image Credit: Rescue Bank

McConnell still gets updates on little Batman too. She says, “He is in a wonderful home, and they usually follow up with pictures to me of Batman in his new bathing suit! But I think about how sad it would have been to lose this little guy…That he would have been put to sleep if a shelter worker had not gone out of her way to try and get him into a rescue to save him, and if we did not receive Good, Quality food donations that enable us to foster. He really had no chance in his current condition there.”

After coming from a place where he was suffering from mange and nobody wanted to adopt him, Batman really deserved his happy ending. It’s incredible what a difference good food and basic vet care can make and even more heartwarming to know he’s found his furever home thanks to all involved!

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