Baxter The Beagle Learns To Roll Over For The First Time!

Baxter The Beagle Learns To Roll Over For The First Time!

This is the story of Baxter, the beagle and today we’re going to read a page of his beagle diary! It’s hilarious!

A page from Beagle Diary…

Dear Beagle fans,

Okay I finally did it. I finally rolled over and although you don’t see it in the short clip, I did get a treat for rolling over. Now that I rolled over, I don’t know how exactly it’s called a talent. I mean, what’s so challenging about making a circle while you’re sleeping? I don’t see my mom or dad roll over. So, what’s the big deal about rolling over? I’ll tell you why, it helps us earn more treats! Yes that should be it! So I finally did it! This is awesome, now I’ll go rollover more so I can get more of those tasty treats that mom has kept in the cupboard so high I can’t even reach.

Love, ‘

Beagle Rolling Over Star

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Baxter just knows he’s a good boy! It’s always worth learning a new trick if it means you’ll get more treats!

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