This Beagle Never Played With Toys...Until Today! Her Reaction? Priceless!

This Beagle Never Played With Toys...Until Today! Her Reaction? Priceless!

When you see why this beagle never played with toys you’ll be heartbroken, but let me assure you that as of today she’s happy and absolutely loves toys!

This is the story of Laura-Bell, a 10 year old rescue beagle who was scared of toys to the point that she wouldn’t even go near one. When the Big on Beagles Rescue rescued Laura from the Kentucky Shelter, the first thing they did was to comfort her and mend her broken heart.

I don’t know why people abandon their fur kids. Why do they adopt animals when they can’t care for them? It’s sad to see but the bigger question for Laura-Bell is not even a matter of why she doesn’t have a home because we know sadly this happens to many fur kids all over but the bigger question for us is why she was so afraid of toys in the first place?

Perhaps she never saw a toy before so she didn’t know what to make of it? Or was she hurt with a toy at some point? It’s all speculation of course, we are sad that she never had the experience of a loving toy-filled, happy home before but we’re glad she has that now!

Either she never got toys to play with or she was threatened by them, don’t you think? See how Laura-Bell reacts to her toys for the first time!

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Thankfully Laura-Bell was rescued and today she’s playing with a toy for the first time in 10 years! Her reaction will melt your heart 🙂 Take a look at this and don’t forget to Like and Share this adorable post with your friends 🙂

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