This Beagle Is The World’s Tallest Dog!

This Beagle Is The World’s Tallest Dog!

We can never get enough from Maymo’s adorable videos!

After watching a Guinness World Records video on the world’s tallest dog, Maymo the lemon beagle falls asleep and dreams that he has become the biggest dog on the planet! Not just on the planet, he’s so big, he’s the biggest dog in the universe!

The cute Maymo ‘monster’ terrorizes cows, cops, planes, and even spacecraft, relishing the power afforded him by being the ‘World’s Tallest Dog.’ So this is what fur kids dream of! Stealing cow food? Eating spacecraft? Who knew!

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Maymo certainly seems to enjoy being the world’s tallest dog and has a great time walking down the tiny street, doing what he wants, and eating what he wants.

Watch the video below to see Maymo as the world’s tallest dog!

Feature Image Source: Maymo

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