Because Of A Breeder This Pup Was So Scared Of People That She'd Stop Breathing Near Them

Because Of A Breeder This Pup Was So Scared Of People That She'd Stop Breathing Near Them

Alsana was abandoned by a backyard breeder after spending her whole life giving birth to countless little litters. She was dumped in Massachusetts, and animal control officers took her to a local shelter.

The poor pup was in bad shape. She was riddled with infections, completely emaciated, and absolutely terrified, refusing to interact with anyone. Staff were concerned that no one would want to adopt her, even when he was physically healed – she was so scared of everything.

A staff member decided to contact her friend, Kara Pittsley, to ask if she and her husband would want to help Alsana. After hearing her story, Pittsley desperately wanted to help, even though staff weren’t very optimistic – Alsana was so frightened of everything that she would hold her breath anytime someone walked near her kennel.

Pittsley knew Alsana was in danger of being put down, especially with her deteriorating mental health. So she and her husband decided to help. They went to meet her at the shelter, but she was so scared she ran and hid, refusing to look at them and visibly shutting down. But Pittsley didn’t give up. She and her husband returned a second time, this time with assistance in the form of the president of a rescue group they had once fostered for and their dog trainer.

Once again, Alsana was petrified. She ran away and her fear was extremely severe. The trainer told Pittsley’s husband to go and pick her up so they could bring her home. Alsana did not bite him, despite her fear – and by this point, the couple was absolutely, 100% committed to the pup.

Alsana also had lots of medical conditions that meant she had to be kept separately from Pittsley’s two other pups. Her ears were cropped and infected, and she had a mammary tumor. She had a lot of medications to take, so Pittsley and her husband worked to earn her trust by hand feeding her and being gentle. They would use a leash to walk her around the house with them so she would get used to them.

When Alsana recovered enough to meet her pup siblings, it was almost love at first sniff. Being around other dogs completely changed her, and she transformed almost immediately. She clearly needed the company of fellow pups. Although she didn’t know how to be a dog, she loved being around her siblings. This led to her opening up to her new Mom and Dad, too. She suddenly made great leaps in progress and became braver.

Today, Alsana has lived in her home for two years. Though she is still a little fearful of some things, she’s brave and gets over the hurdles she faces and wants to be with her Mom and Dad all the time. She loves running outside, jumping around, and even going camping and hiking. Pittsley and her husband are so glad they gave her a second chance!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kara Pittsley

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