Being Intimate With Your Partner In Front Of Your Dog - Should It Matter?!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you and your partner want to get intimate, but your four-legged family member is curled up in his bed next to you? Uhm, awkward! What now?

You may be in the moment, but do not want to scar your dog for the rest of his life either. Well, the answer to your question is dependent on the situation.

If you and your partner find it uncomfortable or awkward to have your dog in the room, then rather place them in another room until so you feel more at ease. In some cases, our dogs do not really grasp the concept of what human intimacy is and might perceive intimacy as an attack on their favorite human, or maybe even see it as playtime!

In situations like these, it is also better to put them in a comfy spot outside of your room for the time being. It may make things safer and more comfortable for you, your partner, and your dog. The last thing anybody wants is an unexpected furry leap onto the bed during a private situation. Not a scenario we particularly want to have to explain to the E.R. doctor!

While we love our partners and our dogs, we should recognize that at times we need privacy with our favorite humans too. Intimacy is a sensitive topic at the best of times and an important part of our relationships. The best thing to do is to protect our dogs, our relationships, and our privacy!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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