Beloved Dog Stays With Best Friend As She Is Laid To Rest

Beloved Dog Stays With Best Friend As She Is Laid To Rest

Just recently, a 95-year-old woman named Maria Isabel Benites Chamba was laid to rest in Ecuador. All her friends and family came out to her funeral to pay their final respects, along with one special guest.

His name was Bumer and he was her beloved dog. He insisted on staying by her side until she was laid to rest. Even during her wake, which was organized by Funeraria Santa Rosa, Bumer was not far away. He was by her side, just as he had done while she was alive. According to a spokesperson from the funeral home, it was quite obvious that there was a strong bond between the two, and the loyalty and affection were very evident.

At the end of the funeral ceremony, the guests form a procession behind the coffin to the cemetery. Bumer was close behind and circled the hearse before he hopped on board. He wanted to say goodbye to his mom like everyone else. It was a bittersweet moment, but everyone was glad to know that she had someone who loved her very much in this life.

Chamba may have passed, but Bumer’s faithfulness lives on. Hopefully, in time, his broken heart will begin to heal — but that’s a process he won’t have to face alone.

According to the funeral home, the little dog was last seen in the warm company of Chamba’s family, united in their remembrance of the person they loved so dearly.

Images Credit: Funeraria Santa Rosa

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