Best Friend Pups Invent New And Improved Version Of Fetch

Best Friend Pups Invent New And Improved Version Of Fetch

Leyla and Bear love to have a good time. They love doing everything together, and that includes playing, and enjoying their time together. Recently, they’ve come up with a new way to take their play time to another level. Their take on this classic game has kept them occupied and having the best of time.

The pair have lived in an apartment for years, and now that their family has moved into a new home, they have new opportunities to have a good time. They have enough space to play fetch inside.

Kristine Lequerique, their mom, shared that they started by throwing the balls upstairs from the living room so they would have to run up and down the stairs. This revolutionized one day when Leyla decided to stay upstairs instead of running down immediately. She decided to pass it to Bear who was waiting downstairs, now it was equally fun for both of them.’

This is a video of them in action:

This type of fetch took their mom by surprise. They didn’t stop there. They just kept on going because they were having so much fun. Now, they play their new type of fetch for hours at a time. They just keep going again and again.

Their mom doubts they will ever go back to their old way of playing fetch. This way is much more fun for them, and they’re in charge, so there’s no telling what they will do next.

Image Source: Kristine Lequerique

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