Big Brother Indirectly Teaches Puppy How To Howl!

Big Brother Indirectly Teaches Puppy How To Howl!

If you are dog parents to a pit bull, you know better than others that they aren’t known for howling. Surprisingly, sometimes a great teacher is all it takes.

This was exactly the role that Gunner, an 8-year-old German shorthaired pointer, stepped into when he met his brother Murphy, who is an 8-month-old pit bull. From the start Murphy loved Gunner and the two became the best brothers. Their mom Sarah said that wherever Gunner went, Murphy followed, and wherever Gunner slept, Murphy was right there with him.

A few months into Murphy’s adoption, he still kept copying everything Gunner did. The only thing that he wasn’t successful at was howling. Sarah said that Gunner has his howl perfected, and whenever there’s a train, ambulance, or even police siren nearby, Gunner lets everyone know. During this time, Sarah started to notice that Murphy would stare at Gunner making this noise and try his best to mimic it. It’s safe to say that Murphy wasn’t cut out for this kind of thing.

A few weeks later, Sarah began to realize that Murphy’s distressed attempts to copy Gunner had turned into full-blown howls. Now, Murphy is so excited to join Gunner in howling, but will only do so if he is howling as well. Even though there is a large age difference between the two, these brothers now do absolutely everything together.

Sarah sometimes feels they are one and the same, and Murphy’s howl was the icing on the cake.

Images Source: Sarah Lee

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