Big Dog Helps New Puppy Go Down The Stairs

Big Dog Helps New Puppy Go Down The Stairs

One of the most attractive traits of dogs is that they are always happy to help in any way possible. If they are not busy helping their human parents, they are busy helping an animal. Whatever the case may be, dogs genuinely enjoy spreading joy wherever they find themselves.

A Twitter account, WeRateDogs®, recently shared an adorable video of two dogs playing in a garden. However, what makes the video captivating isn’t how they played together but how one was helping the other.

“This is Mac and Brady. Mac hasn’t figured out stairs yet, so Brady helps out whenever he can,” WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) captioned the video in which a bigger dog, Brady, was pulling a sled to help a smaller dog, Mac, go down the stairs.

Brady was the only dog in the house until his family brought in a cute little pup when he was over a year old. The puppy, Mac, had not yet figured out how to climb the stairs, so Brady offered to help him.

The video was originally shared by bradymac15 on TikTok and had over 700k views, while the one reposted on Twitter has over 2 million views. Many people who left comments after watching the video applauded Brady for looking after his younger brother. One Twitter user described the video as one of the “cutest” things they’ve seen.

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WeRateDogs® gave the dogs a rating of 13/10.

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