Blind Bull Terrier Finds Forever Home with Loving Family

Blind Bull Terrier Finds Forever Home with Loving Family

Tommy is a bull terrier who has faced some challenges in life. He was used for breeding and lived outdoors, but as he aged, he became blind. His previous parents didn't want to take care of him anymore and left him at the pound. However, Tommy's luck was about to change.

Nicole was at the pound looking for a dog when she came across Tommy. Despite some initial hesitation, Nicole decided to bring Tommy home. She already had some guinea pigs and rabbits, so she wasn't sure how they would react to a dog. However, Tommy turned out to be a big softie and quickly adjusted to living with his new family. He enjoyed being around people and even played with the bunny.

Although Tommy is blind, he is still energetic and loves doing his "tornadoes," or spinning in circles. His family shares that people often misunderstand his breed, with some even crossing the street to avoid Tommy when he's out for a walk. He just wants to go say hello, but people are sometimes scared of him.

Despite these challenges, Tommy has found a loving home with Nicole and her family. They see him as everything they need him to be and are grateful to have him in their lives. Tommy is enjoying his new family and all that they have to offer.

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