Blind Dog's Excitement Hits The Roof After She Senses Snow!

Blind Dog's Excitement Hits The Roof After She Senses Snow!

For a 10 week old Husky named Mackenzie, her life has been different from the start. When she was born, her right eye was left completely blind.

A few months later, after Mandy Leung adopted her and brought her home, Mackenzie lost sight of her other eye. Because of this, she is now completely blind, but still living a great life.

Mandy said that it was hard for her to manage to have a blind dog, but things have been great ever since the start. Luckily, Mackenzie knows her way around Mandy’s home, and sometimes, she stares right into her eyes while communicating!

In their day-to-day life, Mackenzie still enjoys playing at the park with her friends, snuggling or kissing her mom, and even going on long walks. Mandy says that she is one of the most friendly pups that people ever meet. No matter how much Mackenzie loves Mandy, her all-time favorite thing is the snow.

Mandy says that all year round, Mackenzie waits for the snowfall, so that she can play in it. Sure, she might not be able to see the snow, but she loves it anyway. As soon as she feels the first cold and jumps in the snow piles outside, she is happy. Thanks to her thick coat, the snow doesn’t bother Mackenzie and can allow her to play for hours.

Mandy, Mackenzie, and their fans, both wish that it could be snowy all year round, only because of the excitement Mackenzie shows for the simple things in life!

Images Source: Instagram

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