Blind Pup Who Has Never Been Touched Is Finally Happy To Be Safe... And Loved!

Blind Pup Who Has Never Been Touched Is Finally Happy To Be Safe... And Loved!

Pharaoh had spent most of his life – nearly a full decade – alone on the streets of LA. Luckily, he’d found his way to a nice neighborhood where people gave him food, but he never allowed anyone to touch him – and then he began to lose his vision, and his life became even harder.

A concerned resident decided to call Hope for Paws, a rescue group, to see if they could catch Pharaoh and take him somewhere safe. JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo arrived on scene and immediately saw the pup’s eyes were clouded over, meaning there was a good chance he couldn’t see at all.

To earn his trust, the rescuers tried throwing food in his direction, but the pup would never allow them too close, making sure to back away and keeping his distance. The pup clearly didn’t trust any humans, and the rescuers resorted to slowly following him around as he drank from puddles on the road and kept away.

Finally, one of the rescuers managed to sneak up behind the pup and get a leash on him. The pup immediately began to panic, struggling to break free, but the two women managed to get him into their car. The pup soon slowly relaxed once he was no longer on the leash.

Pharaoh was brought in by a rescue organization for senior pups known as the Frosted Faces Foundation. The pup was shy and nervous, and his anxieties prevented him from opening up to staff.

Still, the pup is slowly making progress. He made friends with another blind dog named Duncan, who was also rescued by Hope for Paws, and Duncan is showing him how to navigate the shelter.

Pharaoh is still learning how to walk on a leash and be calmer, but so far, he’s made new pup friends and is getting the care he needs. We hope he’ll be ready for adoption soon!

Images & Feature Image Source: Hope for Paws

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