Bouncy Labrador Puppy Stars In Her Own Music Video!

Bouncy Labrador Puppy Stars In Her Own Music Video!

Meet Lothlorien – or Lori, for short! This bouncy Labrador puppy is the star in her very own music video!

Her sweet and excited family says, “Lothlorien was adopted on the fourth of January, just in time for Jenny’s eighteenth birthday. Lori is already becoming an accomplished puppy. At ten weeks old she has already stared in her first music video, she can read Go Dog Go! and other canine books. She has also shown great promise in singing (country is her favorite genre) but unfortunately is having trouble learning to dance.
We believe that is due to her having two left feet.”

Whether she can dance or not, Lori is adorable and we can see why her family has already fallen in love with her! Who could resist?

And how many puppies have their very own music video? This is too precious to miss!

See Lori’s adorable music video celebrating her new family on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the Lori and her own star music video!

Feature Image Source: The Willis Clan

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