Boy Cries Uncontrollably After Reuniting With Long-Lost Dog

Boy Cries Uncontrollably After Reuniting With Long-Lost Dog

Reunited and it feels so good! Tyler and Bruiser’s emotional reunion is sure to make you cry! At only 10 years old, Tyler Bandy has formed an everlasting bond with his gray and white pit bull pal, Bruiser.

This story all starts in January when the two were on a walk. Sighting a rabbit, Bruiser darted after it and got himself lost. The worried family looked everywhere for Bruiser, posting fliers in their hometown in Florida, and missing posters on Facebook. They even put up old clothes around their house so Bruiser could find his way home. Nothing worked!

They checked in with animal control regularly, but weeks passed and the family began to lose hope.

One day, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office contacted the family with some good news. A stranger had found Bruiser and turned him over to animal services.

It was only when a staff member recognized him from his posters that the connection was made to the family. Tyler’s parents decided to keep the wonderful news to themselves so that it could be a big surprise for their son. He was already so depressed over the loss of his best friend and this was sure to cheer him up!

This was his reaction when Bruiser came home:

The overflow of emotion from Tyler and Bruiser spoke for itself! Tyler couldn’t help but break down into tears as he hugged his long-lost pal! Bruiser showed his love through licks and kisses, all while wagging his tail swiftly.

Now, Bruiser and Tyler never leave each other’s side!

Images Source: Storyful / Jamie Bandy

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