Boy Thinks No One Sees Him Hugging Every Stray Dog He Comes Across

Boy Thinks No One Sees Him Hugging Every Stray Dog He Comes Across

Ibrahim was walking to school like he does every day when he spotted a pair of strays on the sidewalk. They were just lying in the sun, warming themselves up.

Ibrahim could have easily passed right by them, but he decided to stop and give them a hug. Ibrahim was sure no one was watching him, but he was actually wrong. A resident from a nearby building saw the cute interaction and decided to film it.

In the clip, you can see Ibrahim go to the dogs and cuddle them, almost like he didn’t want to let them go. He knew they were lonely, and wanted to give them a little bit of affection. After a while, he stood back up and started to walk away, but, after glancing back at the dogs, he decided one last hug was necessary.

The clip went viral online. Strangers started praising the little boy for his kindness and selflessness. And, truth be told, Ibrahim is certainly a role model. One woman, Katerina, who knows the boy, commented that he goes to school with her daughter and she always knew he was a good boy because he carries her daughter’s bag every day.

More people should be like Ibrahim. Even if you can’t adopt a stray, even the smallest attention can help. Don’t just walk by them without even acknowledging their presence. You should always stop to give them a pet, or even a piece of bread or some water. Every little gesture can make a difference, and Ibrahim clearly knows that already.

Image Credit: Julia Tagirova

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