Boy Who Hadn't Laughed In Ages Smiles For The First Time Because Of This Pup

Boy Who Hadn't Laughed In Ages Smiles For The First Time Because Of This Pup

Pups can really have a huge impact on someone’s life. That’s what Lexi the golden retriever pup did for Johnny, a nine-year-old boy with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

He’s unable to move or breathe on his own and has to spend most of his day lying down attached to machines. Johnny was depressed and rarely smiled or laughed before Lexi came into his life.

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The pup herself hadn’t had an easy life either – she’d been dropped off at a rescue emaciated and covered in fleas at five months old, having spent her whole life living on the road. Her life became better when she was taken into a foster home and received the necessary care and treatment.

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The pup’s sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and intelligence meant she needed a home where she’d get plenty of interaction. Johnny’s mom applied to adopt her, and the moment she arrived in her new home she was excited and hyper, like any puppy would be.

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But when she saw Johnny, she immediately calmed down, carefully avoided touching any of his cording or tubing, and laid next to him with her head on his shoulder. Johnny’s immediately lit up.

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And well, the rest is history! The most amazing thing? Lexi was never trained on how to interact with a child with medical difficulties, but she instinctively knows how. She and Johnny spend all their time together, and she even helps with his physical therapy. Aww! Do like and share this beautiful story!

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