Brave Dog Receives Speaker’s Chair In The House Of Commons

Busy with our everyday hustle and bustle, we often forget how dedicated and hardworking our loyal dogs are! They work tirelessly to make sure that we, among politicians and V.I.P people, are kept safe and sound.

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle recently put the spotlight on K-9 unit hero, Poppy. Poppy is a cocker spaniel thank works very hard to keep the law in order. This particular canine won a “canine OBE” for her dedicated efforts back in 2017. Despite working a full shift, Poppy worked a full 30 hours during the Borough market attack.

Sir Hoyle recently placed her in the limelight by allowing her to sit on his chair and praising her for her hard work and loyalty. He also mentioned that is was an honour and privilege to have met her. Poppy met Sir Hoyle while she was doing a routine sweep of the Commons and Lords Chambers, safeguarding the place against any bombs or potential weaponry around.

Poppy’s handler says that she is always eager to help no matter how long a shift she has worked. He also mentioned that he puts his trust 100% into her capabilities and would trust her with his life!

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