Brave Dog Survives The Night Stuck In Tiny Bathroom With A Leopard

Brave Dog Survives The Night Stuck In Tiny Bathroom With A Leopard

In a small village in Karnataka, Bangalore, a very odd situation occurred for a family and their dog. Living a short distance away from the Kombaru reserve, this village is no stranger to the animals that will wander outside of the borders.

On early Wednesday morning, Jayalakshmi, who owned the home, saw a weird sight through the bathroom door. To her surprise, a leopard had got into her bathroom and was trapped with their family’s dog. Without thinking, they locked the door to the bathroom, trapping their dog Bollu inside.

Bystanders were on the roofs of their homes and got this scene on video. To their surprise, they discovered that Bollu was sitting opposite of the leopard and had marked his territory. Because leopards also mark their territory, it seemed to respect that it was in fact, in Bollu’s home. The whole night each stayed on their own side and respected each other’s space. Jayalakshmi called the forest officials and waited for them to come and pick up the leopard.

After waiting for a day, officials came and placed two layers of nets over the roof of the bathroom where the leopard was at. Officials got permission to dart the leopard, but suddenly, it got through the nets and darted through the roof. It was a surprising escape, but to their surprise, Bollu was untouched. They were together in a space that was barely 3 by 4 feet, overnight and during the day, but nothing had happened.

Officials said that they think the leopard might have gotten into their village by chasing another animal, accidentally winding up in their bathroom. No matter the way that these two got trapped together, the family is counting their blessings that Bollu is safe. You can view the video here.

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