Brother Shows Love For His Sister By... Sitting On Her!

Brother Shows Love For His Sister By... Sitting On Her!

Siblings. We fight. We play. We love. No matter how angry our brothers or sisters make us, we find ourselves loving them despite everything. We often find ourselves going the extra mile for them and helping them in situations where they may need it most.

But what about our four-legged family members? Do dogs show affection towards their siblings too? One brother and sister certainly do. Dog mom, Jennifer Tyler, recently took to social media to show the world what crazy shenanigans these two get up to.

This crazy pair consists of Archie and adopted little sister Tallulah. Archie has taken a strange approach to show his love for his sister. This brother shows his affection by sitting on her!

Yes, he physically sits his butt down on top of his sister while she is sleeping. Jennifer has put many pictures of these two on social media, provided loads of laughter and entertainment. She also goes on to describe Tallulah as a queen bee who is also an absolute cuddle bug!

According to Jennifer, when she brought Tallulah home to Archie, there was an immediate connection and an instant bond between the two. Despite not being blood-related, these dogs are certainly two peas in a pod! The story of Archie and Tallulah goes to show that blood relation does not mean that you cannot be nearly-biological brother and sister!

There really is nothing stopping us from giving out love to others around us, be they family or friends alike!

Feature Image Source: Instagram

Images Source: Instagram

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