Buddha The English Bulldog Tries To Hide In The Most Hilarious Way!

Buddha The English Bulldog Tries To Hide In The Most Hilarious Way!

Buddha the English bulldog probably heard that he was going to the vet, so what’s his next best move? Hide! Where? Check this out!

Buddha the English bulldog is a hilarious little pup and according to the original uploader on Rumble, “Just like the classic scene from E.T., Buddha the Bulldog attempts to hide among a giant pile of stuffed animals. Buddha phone home!”

You might not know it yet, but talking about a vet can strike terror even in the bravest dog’s heart! Now they’re not afraid of medicine or drops, they act like that because they don’t like the idea of them being touched by a stranger with strange things.

But as they get accustomed to their vet and the practices they become less scared 🙂 But this English bulldog just didn’t want to go today so he knew that the only way to escape was to hide!

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So next tie you’re finding your English bulldog and if you’ve told him that you’re going to the vet, check your soft toys and you might be surprised! Take a look at this hilariously adorable video and don’t forget to Like and share it with your friends!

Source: Can you spot the dog in this pile of stuffed animals? by Jfritz33 on Rumble

Feature Image Source: Rumble

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