Bulldog Puppy Is Taking Carrots Out Of The Fridge!

Bulldog Puppy Is Taking Carrots Out Of The Fridge!

Carrots are great treats for dogs. Not only are they healthy, low-fat treats which makes them perfect for fur kids watching their figure, but they also pack a lot of helpful vitamins which can help your fur kid’s eyes, teeth, coat, you name it. They make great training treats if you cut them up small, and we’ve even heard rumors they may help prevent cancer which definitely scores them extra points in our book! Plus, most dogs we’ve met love them so it’s a win for everyone. Just check with your vet first if your fur kid is diabetic since carb intake should be limited in diabetic dogs.

Love the idea but not so sure your fur kid will like them? Just watch this little bulldog puppy who has broken into the fridge, grabbed a bag of carrots, and is trotting off with his winnings. Now if he can only figure out how to get them out of the bag! This little cutie clearly doesn’t care about bones or anything else. He just wants to be alone with his bag of carrots and go to town on them!

Watch the video below to see how this bulldog puppy takes carrots out of the fridge, and tries to open them!

Feature Image Source: Hazel The Bulldog

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