Bulldogs Rescued From Meat Trade Find New Home Together

Bulldogs Rescued From Meat Trade Find New Home Together

Rescuers with Harbin SHS Animal Rescue recently freed two bonded bulldogs from a meat trade in China. The dogs were found abandoned on a property with 11 other dogs.

According to the founder of the rescue, Rachel Hinman, the neglected dogs were scheduled to be used for meat before they intervened to avert it.

The two bulldogs, Backpack and Toad, were among the dogs Hinman and her team rescued. Backpack was extremely sick when they found her, but she recovered after receiving proper medical care. Toad, on the other hand, was healthy but needed some TLC.

It didn’t take long before Harbin SHS Animal Rescue found different forever homes for all the dogs they rescued. However, they made sure Backpack and Toad found a home together because they had a great bond.

Usually, finding someone who wants to adopt two dogs at once is difficult. Luckily, the rescue was connected with Jed Ballou a year after they rescued the dogs.

The rescue set up a meeting for Ballou and the dogs to get acquainted. Toad instantly warmed up to Ballou when they met, but Backpack was a bit reserved initially. Thanks to Toad’s help, Backpack soon became comfortable with Ballou.

It’s been over a year since Ballou adopted the dogs. He said Backpack still suffers extreme anxiety. Thankfully, Toad is doing great and is helping Backpack cope.

Image Credit: YouTube

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