Cafes Aren't Just For Humans. At Least, Not To Kaya

Cafes Aren't Just For Humans. At Least, Not To Kaya

You’d normally expect to find humans at a cafe, but in this neighborhood, there’s one dedicated to dogs!

It all started six years ago when a woman named Kaya Kristina noticed a need in her community. Having lived next door to High Park, a famous public garden in Toronto, she’d see many dogs and their parents coming and going. She also noticed something else. These dogs appeared extremely tired and thirsty after playing. She started by putting out a sign that said: “For thirsty dogs” along with drinking bowls for any dog who needed it.

Her sweet act was noticed by a dog parent who left her a note in her mailbox. It included a picture of the dog drinking the water, and expressed thanks for what she had done.

Kaya continued to receive messages from locals and other visitors to the park and cherished all their kind words. When the pandemic hit, she began to leave treats on her lawn as a sort of pick-me-up and from there, StarPups Coffee was founded.

It started with a little menu and mini treat bags for dogs and their parents to choose from and now includes milk-bones, water, and various organic treats made in Canada. Kaya loved helping, and what she got, in turn, was gratitude and quite a bit of entertainment. Soon, she created an Instagram account and shared StarPups Coffee with the world.

Unfortunately, the setup for the cafe was stolen and that brought her to tears. When she posted it on Instagram, the whole community rallied together to get StarPups Coffee up and running again. They also continued to send thoughtful notes and pictures of their dogs to brighten her day. She has even started building a permanent, waterproof cafe on her lawn, to expand her business and spread more joy during the lockdown. She expects to help even more dogs and their parents during this uncertain time.

Images Source: Instagram

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