Cameras Catch A Dog Checking On His Family As They Sleep!

Cameras Catch A Dog Checking On His Family As They Sleep!

Killian Rottet is a sweet dog who extends his affection by checking up on his family as they sleep throughout the night. He selflessly goes room by room ensuring that each one of his family members is sleeping sound before catching some Z’s himself.

How do we know of his nighttime visits? Well, the security cameras in the Rottet household caught him in action. The Rottets are a family from Virginia who share their life with Killian and their three children on social media. Kelly Rottet, Killian’s mother, is mostly behind the camera capturing his sweetest moments with his siblings. This time around the security cameras in the house caught his sweetest moments with all family members.

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The footage shows Killian gently treading through each room to check up on his parents, then the three children. He goes up to their bed, close enough to see their resting faces and turns to leave the room satisfied that they are resting well. What really touched his mother the most is the fact that he takes great priority in ensuring that the children are well. His duty towards them is on full display in the video footage as he approaches each child in their bed to make sure that they are resting peacefully.


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Amid all these nighttime visits, you can’t help but wonder if he’s getting any sleep. According to the footage he manages to get some rest in between his checks, but his family knows that he’d be driven by his care for them to wake up once more for a little check-up.

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