Can Dogs Recognize Us In A Picture? (Part 2)

Of course, dogs can recognize you with their noses, but what if they saw a picture of you, would they be able to smell you and tell you apart?

Bluntly put, if there are four siblings who have similar faces, but only one of them has a dog, can the dog recognize their parent through a picture? Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

In Part 1, we talked about what would help dogs recognize their parents, but today we’ll talk about whether they can identify other dogs. Humans will have a tough time telling two dogs of the same breed apart, especially those who look extremely similar. Dogs, however, are different. They can identify each dog, no matter how similar they look!

Let’s assume that a dog was friends with one of the two dogs in the neighborhood and those two dogs looked similar or were of the same breed. Experts found out that when dogs were presented with photos of two dogs, one their familiar with and one they have never met, they chose the familiar face 85% of the time!

Let’s also note that apart from their eyes, dogs rely heavily on their noses to help them tell people apart. Your dog’s sense of smell and hearing play a huge role in helping them identify familiar persons from strangers and that is applicable to other dogs too.

So next time you leave your house, make sure you leave behind a picture of you with nothing covering your face! No need to get all creative though, just whip out your recent passport photo and frame it for them to know that you’re you and that you’re looking out for them even when you’ve stepped out for a bit!

Do you show pictures to your dog? How does your dog identify you? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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