Can Dogs Who Lived In Horrible Conditions Adapt To A New Life?

Can Dogs Who Lived In Horrible Conditions Adapt To A New Life?

There are many bad people out there who do not deserve to be dog parents. Quite frankly, those who neglect or abuse dogs and other animals should be thrown in jail.

The trauma they inflict can stay with them for a long time, however, once you are patient and give your dog all the things he/she needs to have a safe and happy life, you’ll be surprised at how well he/she can rebound from even the worst situation.

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a 4-year-old Parsons Russel Terrier named Bell. She belonged to a giant puppy mill bust where she lived with 100 other dogs in chicken coops for most of their lives. This is no life for a dog. Through patience, perseverance, and much0needed attention, Bell was able to adjust and live a happy life.

No matter where a dog comes from, they have the ability to rebound. Unlike humans who may dwell on the trauma and may require years of therapy to recover from abuse, dogs don’t really remember details. Rather, they recall instinct and have behavioral tendencies.

This means that we should be patient and let time run its course. We can reach new rules and establish new boundaries by reinforcing positive behaviors using rewards and praise. Dogs tend to react better to positivity rather than distress and being calm, loving, and patient pays off in the end.

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