Can My Dog Handle Another Canine Sibling?

As a dog parent what they want for their birthday and some of them will definitely wish for another dog – a sibling! Because what’s better than one dog? A few more, that’s what!

Someone who loves dogs will never be satisfied with just one unless the situation tightens their ability to bring home another dog. The moment a dog lover brings home a dog, their first question is, will they get along with siblings? So if you decide to have a huge canine family, you must do your research because some breeds will not get along with siblings while others breeze through like the bosses they are. Here are some dogs who make excellent siblings for your ever-expanding family!

1. Cocker Spaniel

These happy, gentle, and relaxed dogs make the best siblings! They enjoy spending their time playing and being polite with other pets, making them perfect companions for a dog who doesn’t get along with other pets. Having said that, cocker spaniels can be extremely submissive if your dog dominates them.

2. Beagle

These dogs are super chill and get along with just about any kind of pet! Having said that, beagles love a good chase thanks to their hunting instincts and they love to explore. Beagles make great companions for dogs who’re settling into their new homes because they will help them explore and settle in faster.

3. Australian Shepherd

While these dogs can be unpredictable, they do tend to get along well with other dogs. These dogs love to drain their energy and hate being bored. These dogs benefit from having a sibling since together they can help each other get the physical and mental stimulation they need. Having said that, these dogs do tend to dominate other dogs, so please do your homework beforehand!

4. Collie

These dogs thrive on companionship and absolutely love having siblings! They’re super unhappy without siblings because they need someone to play with and keep them company. If these dogs are left alone, expect destructive chewing or excessive barking… or both.

Does your dog have siblings? How do they get along? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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