Can My Dog Stomach Rice?

Can My Dog Stomach Rice?

Rice is a popular dinner staple, and pairs wonderfully with most meats and sides. But, does it pair well with your dog’s stomach? Can a dog safely eat rice? Keep reading to find out more!

Is Rice Safe For Dogs?

Yes, some vets even encourage dog parents to make rice a part of their dog’s diet. Rice is not poisonous or toxic and is a great way to improve digestive health. The reason behind this is its high starch and fiber! It is sometimes even added to dog foods to help dogs who have gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea. It is also very easy for dogs to digest.

How To Give Your Dog Rice

While it may be easier to feed your dog the rice you’ve prepared, it’s important to remember that not all human food is good for dogs. Do not add any spices or salts to your dog’s rice, or even oil and butter. Instead, steam the rice in plain water and allow it to cool before serving it to your dog.

While brown rice is healthier for humans, it is harder for dogs to digest. Only feed your dog white rice as its processing makes digestion easier for your dog. Do not overfeed your dog rice since it can lead to canine obesity. This comes with its own range of health issues such as a decrease in mobility to diabetes. Remember, less is more, especially when it comes on to carbs!

What do you pair with your dog’s rice? Does it help with stomach issues? Share your experience in the comments below!

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