Can Our Pups Really Sense Emotions? Here's What You Didn't Know!

Can Our Pups Really Sense Emotions? Here's What You Didn't Know!

Have you ever been upset or crying, then noticed your pup coming over to cheer you up with cuddles or even one of his favorite toys?

Have you seen your fur ball shy away from your anger and get excited with your happiness? With all that happening, you might wonder if your fur ball can understand your emotions, or maybe even that he can read your mind!

There’s actually a science behind all that adorable compassion! Fur balls and humans have similar social systems, meaning it isn’t too difficult for pups to understand where we’re coming from. We live in close families, pups live in packs, and in both cases loyalty and protection play major roles.

Both pups and humans also communicate in forms of facial expressions, body posture, and of course, speech and vocalization. Because pups have spent so much time with humans throughout history, they’ve learned to decode a lot of the nonverbal language used by their human counterparts – being perceptive of our feelings meant receiving food, shelter, and affection.

It’s not hard to understand how fur balls picked up on all our cues! After all, haven’t you noticed how much time your pup spends in a day just watching you, trying to correctly interpret our actions and emotions. They’ve learned to attach meanings to our moods. If we’re happy, they might get a treat or some pets. If we’re angry, they might need to run from loud noises.

And it helps that pups are so good at observing humans, and the world around them! They pay attention to everything and don’t focus too much on verbal language. Their heightened senses of smell and hearing even help play a role in their level of perception. Interested to know more about this subject? Stay tuned for next time, when we discuss the cues that pups pick up on that helps them correctly interpret our emotions. Till then, like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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