How Can Our Pups Correctly Gauge Our Emotions?

How Can Our Pups Correctly Gauge Our Emotions?

Don’t you feel that sometimes, it’s like your pup knows exactly how you’re feeling?

Fur balls seem to have an uncanny ability to sense our emotions and interpret them accurately, so it’s no surprise that we sometimes feel like they can understand us. There’s actually a science behind this, which you can read a bit more about here. But how exactly do pups correctly gauge our emotions? As it turns out, they can use their superior senses for that task! Here’s how.

1. Our body language

Communication isn’t purely verbal – in fact, it’s often said that 90% of human communication comes in nonverbal forms. This includes posture, facial expressions, and other factors, and these aren’t too difficult to read. Pups are great at understanding facial expressions and will often mimic the expressions of their Mommies and Daddies. Basically, if you act happy, sad, or angry, it’s pretty obvious to a fur ball, and they can respond to it correctly.

2. Their ears

Fur balls have an incredible sense of hearing – you can find out more about this here – so it’s only natural that they pick up on our tones of voice when we speak to them. They can pick out the inflections in your voice that indicate your current state of mind.

3. Their sense of smell

A fur ball’s most powerful tool is his nose, and that sense is so strong that a pup can detect just about anything with a good sniff! Sickness, weight loss, and even haircuts all change the way you smell, which is why pups can notice even subtle differences. There’s also a saying that pups can “smell fear”, and it’s pretty accurate – your anxiety can make you sweat just the tiniest bit, just enough for a pup to pick up on.

So as it turns out, our pups aren’t psychic; they’re just incredible observant. Don’t forget to like and share!

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