Can We Put Vaseline On Our Dogs?

When we get a minor cut or grazes, we often turn to Vaseline. This petroleum-based product provides us with a soothing effect and can even be used for chapped lips!

We know we can use the product on ourselves and even our children, but is it safe for use on our dogs? According to research, Vaseline is not toxic to our canine companions, but the “yes, it’s safe” is not that straightforward. Putting Vaseline on your four-legged family member could tempt them to lick it off. When licking off quite a bit of Vaseline, your dog might experience some rather uncomfortable side effects, such as diarrhea, or an upset tummy.

While Vaseline soothes your pup’s ailments, it does not have any healing effects. Ultimately, Vaseline is safe to put on, but there is a range of products that would do a more effective job. In addition to that, if your canine companion does have an ailment that needs treating, it is probably wiser to rather take them to their vet for a medical opinion and experienced advice.

If you feel it unnecessary to visit your vet, then take a look at organic products available at your local pet store. These products are the most natural and safest when it comes to ingredients and might be a good fit for your devoted dog. We love our dogs as much as we love any other family member and so, it is incredibly important that we look after them too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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