Changing A Rescue Dog’s Name After Adoption – Is It Okay? (Part 2)

So I was at the shelter a couple of months back, you know, when we could step out of the house and not be scared for our lives, when I overheard a couple saying, “Aww… he’s adorable, but I don’t like the name. I mean, I can’t see myself calling him that.” Here’s Part 1, of this story.

And that was the end of the poor little dog’s chance of finding his forever loving home. His name. Of course, he found his forever loving home, with us. The point is, there are many dogs who are overlooked simply because they have odd names or names potential parents don’t like.

It’s very easy to change your dog’s name if you feel the need to or have been requested to. First, think of a new name you’d like to call your dog and then slowly transition them to their new name. For example, if their old name is Bruno and you want to call them Max, then start by calling them BrunoMax and call them that for a week before dropping Bruno from their name altogether.

A week after you decide to drop their old name make sure you treat and/or praise your dog whenever they respond to their new name. Don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t immediately respond to their new name, it will take time for them get used to their new name. Within a few days, your dog will realize the change in their name and will start responding because they will start associating their new name with good things!

How many of you have changed your dog’s name? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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