Check Out This Year's Most Popular Breeds According To The AKC

Check Out This Year's Most Popular Breeds According To The AKC

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is celebrating another year of dogs as man’s best friend by publishing their annual list of the most popular dogs in the country.

Mixed breed dogs rank high in popularity, but the AKC list will tell you what breed you are most likely to find in an average home in the United States. The list is made based on the number of AKC certified puppies that are registered in their databases. The top five breeds have not changed in the last five years, and the Labrador Retriever is on top again! Read on to find out what dogs have made the biggest moves up the ladder!

A large breed dog that originated in Italy, the Cane Corso, has jumped up ten spots in the last four years. The Belgian Malinois has climbed up 13 spots since 2013. The Belgian Malinois is the dog that is currently the most preferred breed for military and police work. The German Shorthaired Pointer is edging closer to the top ten, and the Boxer has only slipped down the top ten since it was ranked number seven back in 2013. The top ten breeds are:

10. Boxer
9. Yorkshire Terrier
8. Rottweiler
7. Poodle
6. French Bulldog
5. Beagle
4. English Bulldog
3. Golden Retriever
2. German Shepherd
1. Labrador Retriever

Some say that there may be changes in the top ten next year, but for now, these are the most popular breeds in the country!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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