Children Overcame Fear of Dogs When Mom Adopted A Sweet Pup

Children Overcame Fear of Dogs When Mom Adopted A Sweet Pup

Janet Zoubek Dickson from Hopewell, New Jersey, narrated how her two children overcame their fear of dogs when she adopted a Mixed Terrier. Dickson decided to adopt the dog despite her children’s fears following her pediatrician’s advice to “either wait it out or get a dog.”

When Dickson took her children to a local shelter to check out dogs, things went south quickly. “As soon as we walked in, all the dogs started barking,” she said. Her children ran out immediately. Although the dogs were sweet, she didn’t adopt any because they were bigger than she wanted.

One day, she saw an advertisement about a 2-ear-old Mixed Terrier named Bridget and made an appointment to see her. Dickson described the dog as “a more scraggly, ugly dog I have never seen.” However, she fell in love when she took Bridget outside to get to know her better. “We went outside, and Bridget went wild. She jumped, she went in circles, in short, she went nuts,” she said.

Although she was skeptical about Bridget, she decided to adopt her anyway. It turned out to be the “best” decision because “she loved my children more than life itself. She watched over them, she gave them the purest love imaginable,” she said.

Sadly, Bridget passed away 17 years later. Dickson and her children still miss her and cherish the memories they had together.

Image Credit: Janet Zoubek Dickson

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