Cletus The Dachshund Is Trying To Mouth His Dad's Fingers! So Cute!

Cletus The Dachshund Is Trying To Mouth His Dad's Fingers! So Cute!

Introducing Cletus a dachshund who’s recently started feeling his dad’s fingers and he’s only playing!

Cletus is a small pup and hes learning a little every day, but today it was something special; he was playfully biting his dad’s fingers! I remember when I brought home my fur baby, he’d love playfully biting my fingers and toes and trust me it’s adorable 🙂

As much as you’d enjoy this, we have to be a little extra careful so that they don’t develop mouthing (biting fingers and toes) as a habit, because once this is a habit and as they grow, it would be a little less adorable!

So when your pup starts biting, gently tell them that that’s not right and give them a toy or a chew bone; perhaps, that they can use to bite on. Puppy mouthing is a normal behavior, so there’s really nothing to worry about, but as a pet parent, you must try and discourage this so they can learn to be more gentle and learn good manners early on.

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This little pup is mouthing on his dad to help massage those gums and also to test the boundaries and see what he can get away with. As a cute little puppy, he’s getting away with a lot!

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Feature Image Source: Simon Sauer

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