Common Worms That Infect Dogs And How They Affect Their Overall Health

Common Worms That Infect Dogs And How They Affect Their Overall Health

One of the most dangerous invisible threats to your pup’s health are worms. They might not be outwardly obvious, but pup Mommies and Daddies should be aware of the negative effects of worms on a fur ball’s health.

Here are a number of worms that most commonly infect pups.

1. Roundworm

These large parasites can infect pups from the time they’re in the womb, and also while they are nursing. In small numbers, they can result in vomiting and diarrhea, and can be spotted in feces or vomit. But in bigger amounts, these worms can obstruct intestines – and that’s definitely bad for a pup’s health! These worms can also infect humans, although they mostly result in eye or liver damage then.

2. Hookworms

These blood-drinking worms live in the small intestine of pups and cause anemia. They may also drink enough blood to be fatal to a young fur ball. A pup with hookworm will have pale gums and feces that are very tarry and dark. Do note that in humans, hookworm larvae cause red, itchy rashes on the skin above where they crawl.

3. Whipworm

These tough infectors have extremely resilient eggs that can live in the ground for years, making soil a source of infection. The worm infects a pup’s cecum and large intestine, and results in inflammation in these areas that in turn causes bloody diarrhea.

4. Tapeworm

There are two types of these worms to be aware of. The first is dipylidium, which is spread by fleas and results in an itchy bottom. You might see these in your pup’s feces. Then, there’s echinococcus, which is more dangerous to humans that fur balls and, in people; causes fluid-filled cysts in the liver, lungs, or brain.

5. Heartworm

These parasites are transmitted between pups by mosquitoes and dwell in the large blood vessels that transport blood from the heart to the lungs. Blood clots and inflammation of these vessels will then ensue and disrupt the flow of blood. This condition needs immediate treatment as it results in heart failure.

These are some worms that you should know about as the Mommy or Daddy to a fur ball. Next time, we’ll discuss ways to prevent and treat these infecting parasites. Please like and share this if you found it helpful!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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