Connie The Dachshund Sits in Front Of A Desktop, LICKING! #AwwAlert!

Connie The Dachshund Sits in Front Of A Desktop, LICKING! #AwwAlert!

So here’s the story of an adorable little dachshund who just can’t wait to have her treats, but there’s one problem!

This adorable dachshund was day dreaming about all the tasty treats when this happened! Her person was sitting on a desktop and all of a sudden Connie the dachshund saw her treats! That’s exactly what she wanted, so she jumped up and started licking the computer screen!

Despite all the licking, she couldn’t taste anything and to make the treats more challenging her person started scrolling up and down! See what this adorable dachshund does! And I hope she got her treats too!

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