Could This Test Detect Cancer in Dogs Faster?

Could This Test Detect Cancer in Dogs Faster?

Many dog parents learn their precious pooch has cancer when it’s too late. Surely you’ve heard the tragic tales. This new test could possibly revolutionize cancer detection and save lives!

It works at the DNA level by detecting alterations in the genome, which indicate the presence of cancer. The name of the test is OncoK9, and it is a liquid biopsy test meant to detect cancers before there are any physical warning signs. This new rapid detection test is faster than traditional blood tests and is supposed to not only save dogs but raise awareness about cancer in pets as part of the Petco x PetDx #TogetherStrong campaign. Roughly 25% of dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime, therefore it is never too early to act.

Petco will make OncoK9 available at their veterinary offices by May 26th, as the first step in a huge change in veterinary medicine. It is open to all dogs, however, parents with dogs aged 8 and older, or those breeds genetically predisposed to cancer are encouraged to get their dogs tested. This is the only way to change the daunting statistics and ensure our furry friends live long happy lives.

If you want to get your dog tested using OncoK9, call the nearest Petco clinic to find out if it is available. In time, as the test proves successful, it will be available in more clinics. Before bringing your dog in, be sure to consult your regular vet for more information.

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