Crusoe The Dachshund Is Getting Some Exercise Playing With His Toy!

Crusoe The Dachshund Is Getting Some Exercise Playing With His Toy!

If you have ever heard about Crusoe the celebrity dachshund, you’ve probably heard about his wild adventures. He has been to Paris, Italy, Switzerland and other beautiful destinations around the world, but you know – all that travel and relaxation can really go to a dachshunds hips if they don’t put a little effort into working out and keeping trim.

So, in this video Crusoe reveals his secret exercise routine that keeps him and his friend staying fit and beach-ready all year long! Clearly, exercise is important, especially for dachshunds since a little extra weight can be pretty hard on their already delicate backs. Crusoe knows that even major celebrities like him need to stay fit so here’s what he does.

Crusoe focuses on a vigorous game of fetch along with his buddy down the long corridor where he can test out his moves, chase balls down, and he even gets in a good jump to catch a ball mid-air! For variety he also takes some time to play with toys and beat them up really well to keep that neck tight and toned.

Watch the video below to see Crusoe getting some exercise playing with his toys!

Feature Image Source: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

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