Curious Puppy Stops Stealing Dish Towels Because Of The Quaker Oats Man!

We often assume that nothing out of the ordinary scares out four-legged friends. We know that thunder and lightning storms can cause upset, and firecrackers too. Food, on the other hand? Most definitely not? Well, do not be so sure. Opal, the Basset Hound, has a different story to tell.

When Opal was a pup, his parent thought it would be cute to roll around a can of The Quaker oats for her to play with. Her response, however, was definitely not what this family expected! Instead of joyfully pouncing onto the can, Opal jolted in the opposite direction with haste. She seemed absolutely petrified of the can of oats, and the family immediately put it away, so she felt safe.

A while later, Opal’s mom had to go away for a short trip, leaving Opal with the rest of the family (much to Opal’s dismay). Opal was not happy with the situation and started stealing the kitchen dishtowels and chewing them to display her discontent. Having tried almost everything, the family was at a loss to prevent this behavior. Well, until one of them remembered The Quaker oats can!

Without scaring Opal, the family strategically placed the oats tin right in front of the dish towels. The next time Opal tried one of her antics she noticed the can and immediately stopped her mischief!

Whether she learned her lesson or not, Opal no longer destroyed the family’s kitchen gear. Sometimes we really have to find a creative way to stop bad behavior, one that will not hurt or harm our canine companions. The story of Opal is exactly that!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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