Cute Beagle Dog Is Waking Up His Person!

Cute Beagle Dog Is Waking Up His Person!

Don’t we all hate mornings, especially the alarm clock? If there is a possibility to make alarm clocks disappear we would be the happiest people ever, or you could just let your dog be your alarm clock. That’s what this man did and we have to say, we like this alarm clock a lot better than the sound of our usual alarm!

You know that they will enjoy waking you up every morning, licking you all over. Just like this cute little beagle did. He tried to wake up his person in the cutest way possible, by licking his face and hugging him. Isn’t that adorable? Now that’s the way to wake someone up! With kisses and snuggles.

I would definitely fall in love with early mornings if I had an alarm clock like that. Watch this beagle’s technique below!

Feature Image Source: Moglee The Beagle

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