Cute Bulldog Puppy Goes Crazy For Tall Grass!

Cute Bulldog Puppy Goes Crazy For Tall Grass!

Shelby the bulldog puppy has a funny quirk. Watch this cute bulldog puppy goes crazy for tall grass!

It’s Shelby’s day out with her mom and they’re exploring the great outdoors – digging, running around and generally having fun.

The happy pup runs around in circles – ducking under bushes and hopping through tall grass. As soon as she discovers this great patch of tall grass, she is just experiencing complete bliss! She rolls around, tackles it, wiggles, runs, pretty much everything you could imagine and then some! She is so happy!

Go to page 2 below to see the adorable video for yourself!

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Watch the video below to see Shelby going crazy for the tall grass!

Feature Image Source: The HippopotaBullies

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