What Does A Cute And Hungry German Shepherd Look Like?

What Does A Cute And Hungry German Shepherd Look Like?

This is Cinnamon, a beautiful German shepherd puppy who will absolutely take your breath away! Look at her chew her toy!

There’s something about this adorable German shepherd pup that mesmerizes me completely and I really don’t know what to say! I mean although she’s just sitting there chewing her toy, there’s something about her that just pulls my feels! I think it’s the innocence in her face and the cuteness that surrounds her…and those stunning eyes! This is probably the cutest German shepherd pup I’ve seen today!

She’s just laying there, glancing at the camera, and chewing her bone like a good girl but we could watch her do this all day long.

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She’s such a beautiful ball of fluff and those ears folded over are just stealing our hearts. We’re in love!

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