Adorable Labrador Puppy Discovers Carrots And LOVES Them!

Adorable Labrador Puppy Discovers Carrots And LOVES Them!

This Labrador puppy loves his carrot so much and he’ll do anything to keep munching on it. The little Labbie is enjoying a wonderful afternoon with his siblings.

They’re all busy munching away or playing. But this particular cutie is enjoying chomping on his carrot. It’s crunchy! It’s tasty! And he loves it!

The yellow pup gets distracted by the camera pointed at him and drops his carrot on the floor. Not wanting anybody to steal it, the pup immediately looks for it and grabs it in his mouth. All of a sudden, one of his siblings approaches him and starts wrestling with him.

The little pup protests! He doesn’t want to play and he wants to chomp on his beloved carrot.

The pup can be heard whining – probably wishing to be released from the crutches and bites of his playful sibling!

Watch the video below to see the cute Lab puppy and his carrot!

Feature Image Source: Labradore from the Mayfield Garden

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