Dachshund Loves His New Toy To Pieces...Literally!

Dachshund Loves His New Toy To Pieces...Literally!

It’s new toy day for Mr Pepper and he can barely contain his excitement when he first hears the strange snorts of this new pig toy! He just can’t wait to sink his teeth into it and chew it to pieces!

At first, he cries up a storm, begging his dad to just give him the toy (and not share it with his buddy) and when dad finally succumbs to Mr Pepper’s dachshund charm, he takes off with the pig, ready to “take care” of it.

First he starts with one of the ears because well…why not? He chews the pig toy’s little ear to pieces and then moves on to the tail. He is determined to chew every little body part off and destroy this toy once and for all!

Mr Pepper has only one plan for that toy and that is to shred it of course!

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Watch the video below to see the dachshund destroying the toy to pieces!

Feature Image Source: Always Hungry Cat

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