Tiny Dachshund Puppies Try A RAW Diet

Tiny Dachshund Puppies Try A RAW Diet

At a little over a month old, these tiny dachshund puppies are just as cute as can be.

They are getting their very first raw meal. If you’re familiar with the raw diet, you probably know how polarizing it can be. Some swear by it, others don’t feel comfortable with the idea but this is what these doxies’ human had to say:

“Miniature Dachshund puppies (4 wks, 5 days old) eating their first PMR (prey model raw) meal. 80% turkey, beef, chicken, pork, 10% organ meat, and 10% edible bone – all ground up.

*There has been some concern over my comment about it being “okay to vomit”. Please note that the puppies ONLY do this on their first meal because they have never had it before. After their first meal they do not vomit.

NO it does not cause them to get worms
NO they do not choke (that’s COOKED bones that splinter)
YES it is VERY good for them! See the links below.

Also regarding my “heart is not an organ it’s a muscle” comment. What I mean is that in the raw fed diet it is fed as if it were a muscle, NOT an organ. Muscle meat and organ meat in the raw fed diet are two very different things. Heart is a very rich meat, so it must be fed in small amounts to avoid diarrhea.”

Watch the video below to see the dachshund puppies eating their first solid food!

Feature Image Source: Molly M

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