This Dachshund Puppy Was Brave, Until He Saw Something “Scary!"

This Dachshund Puppy Was Brave, Until He Saw Something “Scary!"

Meet the adorable little baby dachshund named Bowser Bear. He’s a three month old shaded cream miniature dachshund and, although he is a brave little puppy, there is still one thing that scares him a lot!

His dad says it is the evil puppy in the door.

You see, Bowser Bear loves playing fetch with his family, but all that fun comes to a screeching halt when he catches a glimpse of something that really scares him – his reflection!

It would be very scary seeing a stranger when you thought you were the only puppy in the house. And he has the nerve to be wearing the same shirt!

He looks so cute with that red and yellow shirt on and you can see that he is really having fun playing fetch with daddy until his toy lands near the sliding glass door where the evil puppy lurks.

There’s no way he’s going anywhere near that evil puppy on the other side of the room. He gets so far and then backs right up, refusing to go any closer to this strange puppy!

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Watch the video below to see the dachshund puppy running away from his reflection!

Feature Image Source: Bowser Bear

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